Toy Museum

On Thursday 20th, Amber and Topaz class went to the V&A museum of childhood and we loved it! Our IPC topic this term is looking at toys so we spent the day exploring old toys, playing with toys and making our own peg dolls! We took some great pictures, look at how much fun Amber class are having!

Miss Mcadam

20120924-080125.jpg     20120924-080155.jpg     20120924-080200.jpg     20120924-080209.jpg     20120924-080213.jpg

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20120924-080315.jpg     20120924-080319.jpg     20120924-080326.jpg     20120924-080331.jpg     20120924-080338.jpg

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20120924-080441.jpg     20120924-080447.jpg     20120924-080546.jpg     20120924-080605.jpg     20120924-080611.jpg

20120924-080620.jpg     20120924-080628.jpg     20120924-080635.jpg     20120924-080646.jpg     20120924-080653.jpg

20120924-080659.jpg     20120924-080704.jpg     20120924-080713.jpg     20120924-080721.jpg      20120924-080726.jpg

20120924-080749.jpg     20120924-080755.jpg     20120925-121442.jpg     20120925-121500.jpg     20120925-121507.jpg

20120925-121516.jpg     20120925-121522.jpg     20120925-121529.jpg     20120925-121538.jpg     20120925-121545.jpg


Toy workshop

Our IPC topic this term is toys and games so we turned our classroom into a toy workshop!

We had a toy testing centre, a construction table, a design your own toy table and a board game trying area!

I think Amber class really enjoyed this activity, what do you think?

Miss McAdam


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