Maths Week part 2!

Wow what a busy week we’ve had! First a snow day then back to normal lessons and then we ended our week with the grand finale to maths week… our year 2 raffle!

Let’s take a look at some of the work Amber Class did as part of Maths Week:





We also set a homework to come up with a poem/rap/song to help learn our times tables. Here are some fantastic examples:

Three times tables

Hello 3: Where’s your tree?

Hello 6: What a mix!

Hello 9: Are you fine?

Hello 12: Dig and delve.

Hello 15: Where have you been?

Hello 18: What have you seen?

Hello 21: It’s time to run.

Hello 24: Going out the door.

Hello 27: I’ll see you at 11.

Hello 30: I’ll be with Bertie!

Four times tables

Goodbye 4: I’ll be back for more.

Goodbye 8: Sorry I’m late.

Goodbye 12: I had a cupboard to.

Goodbye 16: Let’s paint it green.

Goodbye 20: It will hold plenty.

Goodbye 24: Clear space by the door.

Goodbye 28: Are you my mate?

Goodbye 32: BOO!

Goodbye 36: How’s tricks?

Goodbye 40: Are you still naughty?

Well done Millie! I am very impressed!

Three Times Rhyme

1 x 3 is 3

That is as easy as can be.

2 x 3 is 6

It’s the start of a DJ mix.

3 x 3 is 9

It’s sounding like a rhyme.

4 x 3 is 12

Twirling around in a Princess world.

5 x 3 is 15

Sitting in the kitchen.

6 x 3 is 18

Having a party, turning 18.

7 x 3 is 21

Be careful when chewing gum.

8 x 3 is 24

Lot’s of knocking at the door.

9 x 3 is 27

Birds flying up to heaven.

10 x 3 is 30

My cat is very thirsty.

Four Times Rhyme

1 x 4 is 4

I’m dancing around the floor.

2 x 4 is 8

Oh no, I’m running late.

3 x 4 is 12

Shaking the Christmas bells.

4 x 4 is 16

I like singing and tapping.

5 x 4 is 20

Sums are great, there are plenty.

6 x 4 is 24

I have a wonderful neighbour next door.

7 x 4 is 28

These numbers are even, 2 and 8.

8 x 4 is 32

Please say bless you when I achoo.

9 x 4 is 36

I can do the splits.

10 x 4 is 40

My little brother is naughty.

Excellent Rhianna, some wonderful work!

And lastly… we ended our Maths Week with a fantastic raffle! Look at our wonderful prizes!

20130127-140913.jpg                        20130127-140921.jpg

Congratulations to all of our lucky winners! Thank you to all of you that bought tickets, all money made will be going to purchase maths equipment for the school! Congratulations again!

Miss McAdam

Snow day homework!

Good morning Amber class!

I know you are all probably having great fun in the snow but I would have for you to miss out on some very important learning! : )

I’m posting some suggestions of activities you can do in between making snow men…

You do not have to complete every task – you may choose which task you would like to complete (if you would like, you may of course complete more than one task).

1. How about creating a piece of art work about the snow? You could take pictures and put them on a poster or draw yourself, friends and family playing in the snow.

2. Write a story about the snow BUT you have to include;
– A character called Harry or Lucy
– A park or a playground
– A mysterious object
– The snow!

Here are some links to some great learning games – why not leave a comment and tell me which is your favourite?

Remember your maths homework is due 23/01!

Have a great day!

Miss McAdam



Practise, practise, practise!

As part of our assembly that will be taking place later in the term on the Jewish celebration of Tu B’Shevat, we are learning a song all about this celebration. Here is the link for the song, please practise at home and be ready to take part when we are back at school!

Maths week homework – due 23/01

Your homework this week is to create a fun way of learning your 3 and 4 times tables. This might be a rap, a song or a poem. Be creative in presenting your ideas.

Mrs Smith’s Spelling Group: This week we have been looking at words with the spelling ‘a-e’ and ‘ai’. Your task is to learn the following words and be ready for a test for next week.

snails escape

praise baker

paint came

waiting safe

painful races

Miss McAdam’s Spelling Group: This week we have been looking at words that begin with ‘ur’ and ‘ow’. Your task is to learn the following words and be ready for a test next week.

spoil hear

point tear

coins clear

join beard

foil earring

A top tip which will help you learn the spellings: Write a sentence with the word in it!

I wonder how many coins I have in my purse.
I lost my favourite earring.

Miss McAdam

Mini strings spring term

We have also been continuing with our mini strings lessons this term. We have come a long way from holding our violins to actually plucking and playing strings! Look at the concentration on the faces!
















What a start to the spring term!

What a start to our term! New year, new topics and a brand new start!

This week has been maths week and all through the school we have been doing activities based on different aspects of numeracy! Following this post will be some of the things that Amber class have done!

For now I wanted to share with you a picture which fits in with today’s sudden change in weather.
How many describing words can you guys come up with just by looking at the picture?