Half Term Homework

Next term, we will be continuing our topic on ‘Holidays’. Your task, over the half term holiday is to choose a holiday destination and research it. This may be a favourite place or it may be somewhere that you would like to visit. Present your findings in a creative way, e.g. a video, a collage, a poster or an information guide. Here are some ideas for what to find out…what people can do at this destination, languages that are spoken, popular foods, what the weather is like and how much it would cost to travel to this destination.

Mrs Smith’s Spelling Group: This week we have been looking at words with the alternative pronunciation ‘c’ and ‘g’. Your task is to learn the following words and be ready for a test after the holidays.

city magic

success gentle

acid giraffe

circle fringe

circus giant

Miss McAdam’s Spelling Group: This week we have been looking at words that are from a familiar setting. Your task is to learn the following words and be ready for a test after the holidays.

mum teacher

dad school

brother chair

sister table

family lunch

Happy Birthday Ms Papas!


In assembly on Friday, Heavers Farm said a very happy birthday to our wonderful head teacher Ms Papas!

Lots of science in Amber class

This week in Amber class we have been doing lots of science!

Our topic has been ‘Materials’ and we started by looking at what different materials we could spot in our classroom. Then we investigated what would happen to Play Doh if we dropped it from different heights. We predicted that the greater the height, the flatter the Play Doh would become. We had a great time investigating this – and our predictions were correct! The Play Doh became a little flatter the higher we dropped it!

20130216-133152.jpg 20130216-133200.jpg

20130216-133206.jpg 20130216-133212.jpg

20130216-133218.jpg 20130216-133230.jpg

20130216-133237.jpg 20130216-133244.jpg

To round off our week, we looked at reversible and irreversible materials. I asked Amber class whether they thought chocolate was a reversible or irreversible material. They predicted that if we heated the chocolate if would melt, but were a little unsure what would happen once we mixed them with Rice Krispies…

20130216-133859.jpg 20130216-133904.jpg 20130216-133910.jpg 20130216-133915.jpg20130216-133921.jpg

When we had made the cakes, we left them to one side. Some children thought the chocolate would stay runny and others thought it might go hard… Lets have a look at what happened…

20130216-134446.jpg 20130216-134453.jpg

We concluded that chocolate was a reversible material because it went back to being hard and it didn’t loose any of its yummy taste either!


Can you think of any other reversible materials?

Miss McAdam