A big congratulations to Kiera and Kingsley in year 2 who, at the end of last term, celebrated great success in their Rugby tournament.

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Miss McAdam


Dates for your diary

Dates for your diary – July 2013 –

1st July (Monday)

Sports day

2nd July  (Tuesday)

Reserve sports day

13th July 2013 (Saturday)

Summer fair at 12 – 4 pm

18th July (Thursday)

Parents evening – 3:30 to 7pm

22nd July (Monday)

Beach trip – 8 am to 5pm

Mini strings concert

On Friday 28th June, Year 2 will be hosting a mini strings concert at school. Topaz and Amber have been working very hard learning to play the violin and the cello since September and they would like to show off some of their hard work. We are inviting the families of both Year 2 classes to our concert. It will take place in the school hall and will begin at 2:15. We hope to see you there.


Homework due 19/06



This week, we would like to link the maths that we have been learning about in school to the experiences that you may have with maths outside of school. Your task is to record when and where you may use or see maths in everyday life. For example, you may see maths when you are telling the time, reading a recipe, handling money or reading a bus / train timetable. You could take pictures of these different times that you come across maths, you may choose to write about them or create a poster showing this information. Be creative!


Mrs Smith’s Spelling Group: This week we have been looking at words with the alternative spellings for the sound ‘ee’. Your task is to learn the following words and be ready for a test for next week.


 repeated                            field

steaming                             relief

these                          thief 

extremely                         sadly   

completely                         happily

Miss McAdam’s Spelling Group: This week we have been looking at words containing the spellings ‘aw’ and ‘or’. Your task is to learn the following words and be ready for a test for next week.


claw                      work

jaw                      worst

dawn                    cork

awful                    thorn

saw                          mirror

Ice cream!

Today in year 2 we made some very yummy and healthy banana ice cream! We used lots of bananas, buttermilk instead of cream, a little sugar and vanilla essence. It tasted amazing!

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Healthy Eating Week – Thursday

Today for my breakfast Amber class, I had a fruit bagel, a handful of strawberries and a cup of tea! No sugar!

Healthy or not healthy?


For my lunch I had a beetroot, goats cheese and butternut squash salad, a handful of strawberries and a big bottle of water!

Healthy or not healthy?


Bread, bread and more bread!

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Today year 2 had a very special treat! As part of learning about healthy eating, we focused on carborhydrates – in particular bread! Not only were we tasting some delicious breads (french stick, sour dough, chapatti, pitta and fruit bread) we even made our own cheesy bread!

Miss McAdam

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