Healthy Eating Week – Wednesday

Today for my breakfast I had a bowl of special K, a banana and a cup of tea! No sugar!

Healthy or not healthy?


For lunch I had chicken and tomato pasta, 20 cherries and another big bottle of water!

Healthy or not healthy?


Healthy mini pizzas!

On Tuesday in year 2 we made some very healthy pizzas! We used french bread as a base and then we picked from some very healthy ingredients including tomatoes, cheese, sweetcorn, pineapple, ham, mushrooms and peppers!

Don’t they look great?

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Healthy Eating Week – Tuesday

This morning for my breakfast I had a fruit bagel with butter, a cherry yoghurt and some juice.

Healthy or not healthy?


For my lunch I had a brie and grape sandwich on brown bread with an orange and lots of water.

Healthy or not healthy?


Healthy Eating Week Assembly

Yesterday we had some wonderful actors come in and teach us all about healthy eating and the importance of staying healthy. We loved it! See if you can spot some familiar children in the school helping out…







Healthy Eating Week – MONDAY

For breakfast this morning Amber Class I had; Special K cereal (wheat flakes and fruit), a banana and a class of apple juice.

Healthy or not healthy?


For lunch today I had; butternut squash and feta cheese salad with cous cous. I also had about 20 cherries and a BIG bottle of water.

Healthy or not healthy?


Healthy Eating Week 10.06.13 – 15.06.13


This week at Heavers Farm is Healthy Eating Week! All week we are doing activities designed to help us lead healthy and active lives.

I have promised Amber class that I would keep a food diary (Breakfast and Lunch) and post it on the blog and they get to decide whether what I am eating and drinking is healthy!

Miss McAdam


Healthy Eating week homework – due 12/06




Next week, we will be taking part in ‘Healthy Eating’ week. We will be looking at the different food groups, different types of food and may even get a chance to cook or make some food. Your task this week is to keep a food diary for the next few days, recording everything that you have eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as any snacks / treats you may eat. Remember to include any drinks that you have throughout the day. You may like to present your diary as a booklet, a video or in a chart. It is up to you. Be creative. Try to include pictures of the food / drink if you can.


Mrs Smith’s Spelling Group: This week we have been looking at words with the alternative spellings for the sound ‘oo’ and ‘ai’. Your task is to learn the following words and be ready for a test for next week.


should                      escape

wouldn’t                          shaded

playful                        staying

pudding                      daytime

pushed                       shaken

Miss McAdam’s Spelling Group: This week we have been looking at words containing the spellings ‘oo’ and ‘ue’. Your task is to learn the following words and be ready for a test for next week.


spoon                    blue

noon                  glue

pool                    clue

zoom                    true

roof                      due

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